PVC-U Corrugated Twin-wall Pipe

Corrugated (rib-enforced) twin-wall sewage pipes are made of un-softened polyvinyl chloride ( PVC-U ) and are intended for the discharge of precipitation and industrial waste waters, drainage ,low-pressure and gravity water. Owing to its high quality, PVC is resistant to mechanical impacts, abrasion and negative chemical impact of acids, alkalis, salt compounds, bases, sulphates, alcohol and many other chemicals. The pipes are fully compliant with the quality standards stipulated by ISO 21138 :2007 The pipes with double walls and outer-rib enforcement are up to 40% lighter than pipes used to the same purposes (depending on the diameter). They are highly durable and resistant to mechanical movements of the ground. They are also very good electrical insulator and are easily installed. In addition to their long service life, they pose very few maintenance requirements. The connections are made using a socket fitting (collar) and a rubber ring, securing full tightness of joints. Corrugated PVC pipes and the corresponding PVC accessory parts can be permanently applied within the temperature range between 0ºC and +60ºC. Corrugated PVC pipes are produced to standard parameters of perimeter rigidity of SN4 (4kN/m²) i SN8 (8kN/m²), while higher values of perimeter rigidity of up to SN 16 are made to order, for non-standard projects. The outer pipe diameters are in the range from DN 160 to DN 500 mm, and the standard pipe length is 6m. Other lengths are supplied to customer’s order.


Provides a flexible structure ➟

More readily tolerates ground movement without failure

Does not corrode ➟

There is no known corrosion or ageing mechanism for PVCu buried underground

Low frictional resistance ➟

Improves base flow velocities and aids self cleansing (A smooth non-porous bore for good hydraulic performance.)

Smoother bore ➟

Fewer joints and closer tolerances reduces the risk of blockages Fewer joints withcloser tolerances to reduce the likelihood of leakage and blockages ➟A high level of chemical resistance to the wide range of substances found in both effluent and contaminated soils ➟Cost effective in comparison with traditional pipe materials


Plastic piping flexibility is a significant factor in adapting to soil settlement. However, this has to be balanced by the even more important requirement for the piping to have sufficient short and long-term rigidity and be able to withstand all external loads throughout its useful lifetime.

Long-term rigidity

Is highly depended on modulus of elasticity of material used in manufactured pipe and ABvaKHAK Twin-wall corrugated pipe has highest long-term rigidity among other pipes because of using PVC as raw material.


Engineered for efficiency and savings

ABvaKHAK Twin-wall PVC-U corrugated pipe can reduce your costs three ways: initial purchase price, installation costs and maintenance costs. The corrugated design of our pipe is cost-efficient. It is engineered to provide long-term service and performance as well as potential material cost savings over other conventional sewer pipes. During installation PVC-U corrugated pipe saves time with a combination of features that makes installation faster and easier. A lighter handling weight and easy-to-stab joint are just two of the many benefits. Field cuts are easily made and the spigot doesn’t require field chamfering. With a gasketing system that is reusable, field cut sections aren’t wasted. These benefits help keep projects on schedule. Plus,Our corrugated pipe is often laid with smaller than normal crews—a real savings! After installation and testing, ABvaKHAK corrugated pipe continues to save money. Its smooth interior makes it easy to clean and reduces the possibility of stoppages. Superior joints and gaskets stay tight, controlling infiltration and root penetration. ABvaKHAK Twin-wall PVC-U corrugated pipe's low filler PVC compound also helps to ensure long-term strength and performance.

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