Perforated Drainpipe

AB va KHAK DrainPipes is the brand name of corrugated drainage pipe system has excellent drainage characteristics and offers a complete solution. The tubes are very flexible and yellow of color. The many thousands of kilometers experience guarantee high quality. The AB va KHAK DrainPipe system has excellent drainage characteristics and offers a complete solution. AB va KHAK Drainage Pipe with or without perforations are provided in various diameters. There are different types of envelope's density and sizes according to soil types AB va KHAK Drainage Pipes systems are used for: The occurrence of flooding on agricultural land The drainage / infiltration of sports fields, industrial and construction sites /Improving soil structure /Remediation and Groundwater Management

Our Drainage Pipe is characterized by:

High resistance to flattening
Good mechanical properties
A high tensile strength
Low weight
High discharge capacity

AB va KHAK Drainage Pipe is supplied in rolls of great length. The number of connections is therefore limited and the tube can be quickly produced.


PVC-U perforated corrugated drainage pipe with PP envelope

Voluminous filters have been applied successfully for years. This type of material replaces a layer of soil around the tube. Since voluminous filters have larger water permeability than the soil around it, this will result in a much better water discharge. Because of their size voluminous filters may contain a certain amount of soil particles. This prevents soil particles from flushing into the tubes, with all its consequences. Voluminous filters will also substantially decrease the chance of blockages caused by sedimentation of iron.


Type PP450 consists of new and recycled polypropylene fibres. The universal character of the filter allows using it for may soil types and circumstances. The O90 value is 450µm and of course the KOMO quality mark applies here too.

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